It All Happens in the Chloroplast …

There is something quite wonderful about performing on stage.  And there is something equally wonderful about watching.  Maybe it’s the anticipation of unexpected delight or even suspense.  Maybe it’s the performers revealing something about themselves that none of us saw before.  Maybe it’s the exhilarating “in the moment” experience.  Even if you come back and see it again, you know it won’t be like this time.

A week and a half ago, I handed out scripts and cast parts.  Yesterday we performed our Photosynthesis Follies.  All 62 of us.  I have three classes, and in each class there were 3 separate casts.  So for two days the hallways of our school echoed with “Photo what?”  and “It’s a blast being a chloroplast!”  Last night I created this combobulation of all three classes, all nine casts.  And I threw in a few special effects just for fun!  Enjoy!

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