Comment Tips

Comment Guidelines

Do at least two of these:

  • Compliment the writer.
  • Add new information.
  • Make a connection.
  • Ask a question.
  • Give a wish or a hope.

Do all of these:

  • Write two or more sentences.
  • Address the person you are talking to and sign your name, like a letter.
  • Protect your privacy. Use first names only. No other identifying details.
  • Use standard English.
  • Proofread.

5 thoughts on “Comment Tips

  1. Hi Mrs Steven, I enjoyed your video. I learnt about suffix and affix and prefix in high school but that was in Latin Language course. I just recalled it and that made me to enjoy your video

  2. What a great video! I really learned about the suffix ” ion ” and it totally proves that ion is a suffix. I am from the Zurich International School
    in Wädenswil.

  3. Bravo! I will be curious to see what Real Spelling has to say especially about abolish. I am confused by the etymology of it. I am sure after a trip to the bakery to see the baker, he will reply. Such a slave to the morning routine!

  4. Mrs. Steven-
    I agree. Those are all very good things we should all try to do. Maybe we should all try to think of another rule to follow. I hope everyone uses these awesome directions for writing!

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