Grammar Class

Getting a Grip on Grammar      

Been a while since you learned about and thoughtfully practiced grammar?  Wondering how to brush up on your own understanding in preparation for working with students?  In this three session class we will look at several things:

~We will discuss the need for grammar instruction.

~I will introduce Michael Clay Thompson, whose ideas about teaching grammar profoundly changed the way I have taught grammar for the past 12 years.

~While sharing the interactive book I use with fifth graders, we will discuss the four areas of grammar used in 4Level Sentence Analysis.  Those are Parts of Speech, Parts of the Sentence, Phrases and Clauses.  I will also show you a new visual way to represent the structure of a sentence developed by MCT called a T-Model.  It is reminiscent of a sentence diagram, but much simpler in its lay out and easier to follow.

~I will show videos of my students analyzing sentences and looking at the relationships between parts of speech in a sentence.

~We will discuss practice and assessment activities.

Getting a Grip on Grammar

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Friday, March 27; 1:00 pm Central Standard Time
Monday, March 30; 1:00 pm CST
Wednesday, April 1; 1:00 pm CST


***If the above time doesn’t work for you, please send an email with day and time preferences. I’d be happy to set up another schedule!

If the above times or dates don’t work for you, send me an email with your preferences.  Include your time zone so I can coordinate with others.

To register:

  1.  Submit payment through my Paypal link.  Include the email you want me to use when contacting you.
  2. I will respond and make sure I know which schedule you are interested in.


Each class will be 90 minutes in length. All times posted are in Central Standard Time.  Use this link to help convert to your time zone.

Cost is $60.00 for three 90 minute classes paid through Paypal at this link:  PayPal.Me/MaryBethSteven . If dates offered do not work for you, please email with your preferences.  I will do my best to coordinate and offer another session.

Contact email:

Links to some videos of 4 Level Sentence Analysis: Beginning this year, I am returning to a model that includes 8 Parts of Speech.  Instead of identifying determiners as a separate part of speech, I will consider them adjectives.  Part of what we will discuss in the class is how many types of determiners there are and why it makes sense to teach that some adjectives are determiners.  In the videos below, I referred to articles as adjectives.  Now I refer to them as both adjectives and determiners.

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