We are Fifth Grade Happy!

I love to celebrate the end of a remarkable school year with music and dance!  This year one of our favorite Jibjabs featured the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams.  After viewing several videos of people dancing to this wonderful song, we decided to make our own version.  I think it reflects the joy we feel today and leaves us knowing that the time we’ve spent together  in scholarly pursuits, imaginative thinking, and just enjoying each other is truly something to celebrate!


3 thoughts on “We are Fifth Grade Happy!

  1. “Hey Mrs. Steven, we all miss you so much and can’t wait to see you again! It was fun seeing you at the world fair. I love your “Happy Video”. You taught them well Mrs. Steven! 🙂 We all hope you have a great summer break, and we will see you soon.”
    – sincerely, your favorite student, Mary Schmitt

  2. Great job this year guys. This couldn’t have been possible without you Mrs. Steven. You were the best teacher ever. I will miss you Mrs. Steven in middle school, but consider yourself the best teacher on the planet. It will be hard to leave elementary with all the great teachers I have known. There are great teachers, and then the remarkable ones. You are one of them. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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