Call for Auditions! All Parts of Speech Welcome!

One last scripted video to end a rather remarkable school year!  This one is “The Casting Call”.  Enter a humble yet ambitious director who is longing to unveil a spectacular sentence at the upcoming “Seriously Sensational Sentence Festival”!  The sentence that is identified as the most stupendous will win the Golden Grammar Goblet at the Golden Grammar Gala on the final night of the Festival.

In order to deserve such a prestigious honor, the director is calling for auditions.  If he wants a truly amazing sentence, he needs to find out what each part of speech is and how a combination of those parts could indeed build a sentence beyond imagination!  What he finds out is that each part of speech totally rocks, and that he has some interesting and difficult choices to make in the days ahead.

3 thoughts on “Call for Auditions! All Parts of Speech Welcome!

  1. What a great project! That performance is Oscar Worthy indeed! I think Mrs. Steven deserves a Gold Apple Award. Thank you for being such an awesome teacher.

  2. Wow!!! That turned out amazing!!! The director(s) did an AMAZING job! I think the subordinating conjunction did well too. *wink,wink* Amazing work Mrs. Steven’s class!

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