We are all excited about a snow day … and yet …

For those visitors who live outside of the midwest, we thought you might like seeing what is happening here.

Yesterday the snow was wet and heavy.  Perfect for snowman building and fort building!  But as it continued to fall, its weight was too much for many trees and power lines.  Some of our families have been without power for 12 hours!  Many trees have bent over to the point of breaking in half!  Many branches have drooped until they broke off.  I shoveled my driveway 6 times yesterday so that I could keep up with it.  Then I came in and began reading City of Orphans by Avi.   I certainly hope my students had fun in the snow and hope to hear some comments about what they did. 🙂

Today we have another snow day.  The snow seems to have stopped falling, but the wind is fierce and is keeping roads hazardous and in some cases closed.  The sun is bright which always makes the snow glisten and look magnificent.  The temperatures have dropped and there are icicles forming on my gutters.  It looks to be another good day for reading and hot chocolate.

3 thoughts on “We are all excited about a snow day … and yet …

  1. I had a lot of fun on our 2 snow days. I went sledding with my cousin, and I got really lucky a lot. Once I almost ran into a pole, and the next time I got a facewash 🙂 I hope you had a good snowday too!

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