Winter Break Starts …. NOW!


Today was supposed to be filled with Christmas celebration in our room!  First we were going to have a reader’s theatre using our “A Christmas Carol” scripts.  Next we were going to have an auction so that we could practice mental math and spend the Froggy Bucks we’ve earned during first trimester.  After that we were going to watch the Christmas Jibjabs I made for the class.  In the afternoon our party was scheduled.  That would have included a gift exchange, games, food, and laughter.  Lastly there would have been a sing-a-long in the gym.

REST ASSURED that our party will still happen.  But because of the icy everything today, we will reschedule our reader’s theatre, auction, and party for Friday, January 3rd.


Until then, have yourself a ‘minion’ little Christmas!

As for the Jibjabs ….

Sled Race

Feliz Navidad

Elf Dance


Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree


3 thoughts on “Winter Break Starts …. NOW!

  1. Yeah, it really sucked that school was cancelled :(. I was really excited to do the gift exchange and do the reader’s theater. I can’t wait until everybody sees the games that the games committee has thought of. Some are more traditional than others, but that’s okay. Happy New Year’s to everyone!!!!!
    soccer girl 10

  2. I so wish that we wouldn’t have had school cancelled Mrs. Steven. I didn’t know we would’ve had an auction. At least on Friday our class will get to have all of those fun events. I can’t wait to do the “A Christmas Carol” scripts. Should we come dressed up, or not? I had basketball on Saturday. We lost our first two games and won our last one 26 – 24. How was your weekend? Can’t Wait for Christmas!!!

    Keep On Blogging and Merry Christmas,
    ~Farmboy 920

    • When we get back together, we will do all the fun things we had planned for yesterday! If you want to wear a costume for the script reading, go ahead. Could add a fun element.

      Congratulations on your close and wonderful basketball win!

      Merry Christmas!

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