Peyton’s Scary School Chapter – Lover Boy

                As we were reading Scary School, many in the class were inspired to write their own versions.  A few have decided to share one of the chapters from their stories!  Enjoy!

                                                                            Lover Boy

          I went to class, and my crush, Willie the Werewolf, sat next to me.  Oh, my gosh!  Yesterday in science class I saved a spot for Zelia the Zorka, but Frankie the Frankenstein stole the spot!
          Anyway, he asked what my favorite color was.  OMG!  I said, “Blood red … juicy blood red.”   He looked at me like, “what?”
          So, I was going to lunch, and I saw Yogi the Yeti (he’s the bully) sitting next to Zelia – Yuck!  Anyway, after lunch we got an 8 minute break.  I saw Willie go in the Scary Woods so I went and yelled, ” Willie!
          The next thing I knew I was taken!  It was Willie!  He grabbed me!

3 thoughts on “Peyton’s Scary School Chapter – Lover Boy

  1. That was a really good chapter. It was kind of funny at some parts. I showed some of my friends at the Youth Center. They also liked it a lot. Even one of them commented, so good job.😄

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