John Goddard Set Goals — So Have We!

With the idea of exploration and adventure still in mind, we thought about John Goddard and the goals he set for himself when he was 15.   We got to thinking … what might we like to do, to accomplish, to see, to experience, to master in the life journey ahead.  Each student made a list of at least 25 goals.  Then we made a video of ourselves sharing those goals.  Below is a shortened version of our video – a sampling of what 5th graders see themselves capable of achieving.  It all begins with a goal … and then step by step we’ll learn what to do to make it happen!

5 thoughts on “John Goddard Set Goals — So Have We!

  1. I think that we should put on a special video or prezi/powerpoint every week or so. That would really explain to others what we are doing and learning most of the time. I would really love to do that. -Saphire:)

  2. Mrs. Steven-
    I think it’s very cool that you put this video on our blog. It’s so much fun sharing the things we are doing in our classroom with others. I hope that this video inspires others to do things like it. Making goals is a lot of fun! Could we put a prezi on our blog sometime? I saw one on another blog, and it was very cool.

    • Maia, I am looking forward to posting more videos and quite possibly prezi presentations! Maybe you will be the first to make one! I agree that it is fun to share what we are doing. Have you checked out the prezi site to see how to make one?
      -Mrs. Steven

    • Me too, Maia! I have a question. Have you ever gone to the Prezi website? Do you like Prezi better than Powerpoint? Please reply back.

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