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  1. Hello,

    I saw your root word maps and love them! Would you mind telling me a little bit about how you go about creating these with your class? I would love to do something like this with my students.


    Dr. Pelotte

    • Welcome!

      I am happy to tell you more. Often I choose a base word to start with (or we come across a word during our day). Then the students brainstorm a list of words built off of that base, and I write them all on the board. Next I create the matrix by starting with the base. We list prefixes on the left and suffixes on the right.

      Building matrices is a great way for students to see the structure of the word — what each morpheme looks like and means. It is also a great way to talk about suffixing rules.

      Today I gave each student a word to investigate. They had to find out what the word meant and then find as many words as they could that shared the base. Next I sent them to Mini Matrix Maker to create their own matrix. In order to create the matrix, they had to write their words as word sums first.

      I would be happy to explain in more detail, so if you send me an email to the address listed at the top of this page, I will respond. Looking at word families has really helped in many ways. When wondering about the ‘g’ in sign, we built a matrix and recognized words like signal and signature in which the ‘g’ is pronounced. It suddenly made more sense for it to be there!

      Mrs. Steven

  2. Thanks for letting us make our own blogs. I am so excited just making the blog. I was so happy when you sent the sheet to see if we could even have our own blog.


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