Austin’s “Scary School” Chapter One

       As we were reading Scary School, many in the class were inspired to write their own versions.  A few have decided to share one of the chapters from their stories!  Enjoy!


      Hey!  You get over here and pick up this book or else!  Alright, my name is ummmm……..  I’m not so sure, but I know one thing.  I’m a dead doll.  I eat metal for deadfast. 

      Ok.  This isn’t even telling you about this Scary School.  Or is it?  Today is my 4th year of Scary High School.  Elementary School was the worst.  The reason elementary was the worst is because in 5th grade, I was a chump.  I did everything wrong.  I was the best at math in 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and even 1st, but in 5th I didn’t even know what 1 x 1 was on the first day.   I thought it was 1111111 and it is 1111111! 

     Ok.  Time for a confession.  I was horrible at math and everingthing eles.  I was always a chump.  Well, it’s because I was small and a doll and I ate jerks … ok, maybe a lot of jerks!  But hey!  You can’t blame me.  When you’re getting made fun of because you’re a doll and you’re small, wouldn’t you like to eat the jerks who make fun of you? 

     If you’re guessing my name is King Mealies, you’re right.  I’m the son of a medusa mother and a doll father.

   “Hey, moron!  It is 10:00!  Time for a jerk eating!”


                                                               Chapter 2

   “Hey billy! Do you want to skip going out and jerk eating today?  I’m not hungry.  I’m lying.   I’m always hungry for guts.  Oh, I almost forgot that I need to tell myself my name.   I mean, tell you my real name because I told you my fake name.  Well, I still don’t know my real name.”

Skype Visit With Derek the Ghost!

Today we thoroughly enjoyed our skype visit with Derek Kent, the author of Scary School and Scary School Monsters on the March.  He made us feel very relaxed, and we were able to ask lots of questions.  We found out that he has always loved to make kids laugh, and he has always loved to write.  He remembers that when he was in elementary school and creative writing time was over, everyone else closed their notebook, but he didn’t want to.  He also remembers that he enjoyed reading the dictionary!  He liked learning new words and then using them on his friends (who had no idea what they meant!)

Derek still loves making kids laugh.  It is his goal that his readers laugh out loud when reading his books.  We eagerly let him know that he indeed made us laugh out loud many times.  We weren’t surprised to learn that he was a big Roald Dahl fan.  He’s read all of Roald Dahl’s books!  He’s also a fan of Louis Sachar.  In fact the Sideways School books really gave Derek ideas to think about.

In creating characters, he was inspired by teachers, people he has known, characters in other books and movies, and himself!  Dr. Dragonbreath is based on a teacher in Derek’s past who always wore a tie and unfortunately had a case of dragon breath!  Charles Nukid is a character that Derek relates to.  As a student in school, Derek was also kind of skinny.  Steven Kingsley is based on the author Stephen King.  The character, like the author, likes writing and baseball.

Derek is the only author in his family, but he did mention that his mother is a very talented artist.  If you google her name you can see some of her art.  Her name is Melanie Taylor Kent.

When asked if he is planning a fourth book in the series, Derek said he actually had a plan for each of six books, but only had an offer from his publisher for the first three books.  We’re planning on writing persuasive letters to his publisher to let them know how much we’re enjoying the Scary School series and how much we would love to read more!  We may also write persuasive letters to Nickelodeon to support the idea of his books being made into a series for TV.

We have become big time fans of Derek Kent.  We hope he writes many more books!