Biosphere Poems


I’m grass.
I get stepped on all the time.
I am a producer,
and I’m very important.
I think of myself like humans.
That’s because
I get haircuts with lawn movers.
Lots of animals eat me,
but I don’t care because
I am everywhere.
In winter you might not
see me as much,
but I am still there.
In winter fewer animals eat me,
because some are hibernating,
and some can’t find me
under the snow.
I am also one of the reasons
you can breathe.
The main reason you can breathe
is because of my brother, tree.
I love a fresh rain shower, don’t you?

                                             Alyssa P.

Emerald Ash Borer

I’m hiding in my tree under
the rough bark.
I am smaller than a penny.
I can’t help but eat the tree.
It’s not my fault
that the xylem and the phloem
are in my way.
I make paths to get around.
I make little holes
to make quick exits.
I am an invasive species.
No one can deny
that I should be gone.
What damage am I doing?
There are plenty of trees around.
I was brought here from Asia.
No one saw me on the boat.
I am a beautiful
but harmful creature.

                                     Alex K.

Top Predator

I’m a top predator.
I’m not an editor.
I feast on animals
who also feast on animals
who feast on primary consumers.
That’s how I get my energy.

I’m BIG.  I’m sly.
Can you guess me?
I’m the fierce puma.
I prey on little bunnies like you.
You may think I’m bad,
but actually I’m nice.
I’m not bad at all.
It’s just the circle of life.

You’re born,
you get eaten,
then again by decomposers.
It’s just the circle of life.

Oh no!  It’s Mr. Farmer,
and this time he’s got a gun!
That’s the circle of life.

                                            McKade H.


I am a stalker.
I eat things little or small,
things that are fiercer than me.
My fur is like a cheetah’s fur.
It is gray with black spots.
Take a guess what I am.
I am a snow leopard.
Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.
I will hurt a marmot.
I am soft and wild too.
I live in a den,
I can be ten.
I love my cubs.
When they’re born,
they’re like little rosebuds.
Oh, I love the hills
and sitting right by the cliff.

                                                 Evelyn B.

The Wolf

I am a carnivore.
I roam the wild, looking for
some tasty herbivores or other carnivores.
For some reason they don’t greet me
in the same way that I greet them.

It could just be that they
are scared of how I look,
how sharp my massive white teeth are,
how I howl like a thunder cloud
at night under a full moon,
or even how I run as fast as a lightning bolt.
When they don’t greet me,
things don’t really turn out so pretty sometimes.

I’m usually a lone wolf, but sometimes
I have my mighty army of up to 20 or 25 wolves.
When I have my army we can rule the world
and take down the biggest animals of all,
even our king, the bear.
He thinks he’s smart and powerful,
but with my pack he goes down.
Watch out!  You wouldn’t want
to get eaten by these bad boys!

                                            Kyla P.


I’m a plant.
I don’t have any of those “flowers”
everyone loves so much.
I’m not pretty, but I work.
Cows graze on me,
and children lay on me.
I’ll say it again,
I work.

It’s not hard being a plant,
but when there is a drought,
oh my, oh my,
do I turn brown and die.
But I always grow back.
When I get too long,
a man with a big machine
gives me a haircut.
Sometimes the man doesn’t come for a while,
and I get very long,
and maybe even grow some seeds.

In the winter
lots of white, cold, fluff falls on me.
I have to wait in the cold until spring.
In the summer
I get dry,
but when the children come out
to play in the pool,
they splash water on me.
Then I’m not dry anymore.
What do you think I am?

                                             Serena K.