Halloween Happiness!

Something really fun happens when you put fifth graders in charge!  Yesterday we had our Halloween Party.  One third of the students were in charge of the food, one third were in charge of the decorations and one third were in charge of the games.  Having never been given this opportunity before, the students have been all smiles for the last two weeks!

The decoration committee immediately asked if they could make a spider pinata.  The students brought flour, newspaper and the balloon.  They spent their recesses rolling, tearing and dipping newspaper in the flour and water mixture. It was painted, candy was dropped in and it became officially finished the day before the party!  In the meantime, skeletons, spider webbing and lights were hung to create a spooky atmosphere!

The food committee created a spooky menu and brought a variety of delicious foods!  There was so much to choose from!  They set up a bit early so we could eat while we watched Roald Dahl’s The Witches!

The games committee had a “Guess How Much Candy is in the Jar” contest, a “Throw the Stuffed Pumpkins at a Target” game and a costume contest.  The grand finale of the party was smashing the pinata to bits!

What a successful party!  What a delightful group of party planners!  Happy Halloween!

Here are some hilarious Halloween Jib Jabs to watch!

I Will Survive

Funky Ghost

Monster Mash

Monster Rap


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