Slice of Life – March 15

Today is Sunday and the weather is so inviting!  If you are looking for an idea of what to blog about, share the kinds of activities that you have been waiting to do!  What did you get outside and do yesterday?  What will you do today?  Describe your activity so thoroughly, that we feel we are there with you.

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Slice of Life – 3.1415

Happy Pi Day all!  In honor of this special day, my students and I wrote Pi Poems.  A Pi Poem can be about anything.  What makes it a Pi Poem is the number of words in each line.  That is where we follow the sequence of numbers that follows:   3.1415926535897916 and so on.  Here’s mine:

Bulldog Pie

Large beautiful eyes,
Inquisitive, curious, always hungry,
Together they fill my heart.
Sumo is distrustful of people, but Fido loves them.
Feeding time.
Sumo chews carefully; Fido furiously swallows.
They slurp water, mouths dripping.
Time for napping.
Heads hanging off the couch,
Sumo on his side; Fido’s feet stick upwards.
I love to caress and kiss their soft heads,
Then to give each a belly rub.
Pink tongues hanging out the sides of their mouths.
Are they smiling?
Definitely happy,
Sumo, Fido, me.

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