Respect – What Does It Really Mean?

There are those moments in life when respect is something you feel towards someone else.  There are also those moments when you feel respected by others.  Enjoy our video!

5 thoughts on “Respect – What Does It Really Mean?

  1. Mrs. Steven,
    If you haven’t already, you should send this to Mr.Holt. This would be a great example of empathy for Second Step! That would be really cool if you did.

    Love, Mallory Wallace

  2. Beautiful.

    Good on you for helping others take a second look at this word. Sometimes the words we use the most are the ones we only see the surface of.

    I had that kind of experience with the word RESPONSIBILITY.

    I was once asked to teach a lesson on this word to a Grade 4 class. I wanted to find the word in a rich context, so I searched the terms RESPONSIBILITY and SPEECH and found this lovely sentence from a famous speech by a fascinating man named Selassie.

    “It is both the duty and responsibility of the world’s fortunate few to help fulfill the legitimate aspirations of the unfortunate many.”

    When I analyzed the word RESPONSIBILITY, I found surprising related words and a much deeper understanding of this word we use every day.

    I now have more respect for this word because I gave it a second look!

    Likewise, you have deepened my understanding of RESPECT.

    Many thanks!

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