We Are in Orthographic Orbit!

What an exciting week in orthography!  I am participating in the spellinar called “Latin for Orthographers” (See Real Spelling for more information).  After the second session, I was bursting and couldn’t wait to discuss what I was learning with my students.  They were as “on fire” as I was!  By Tuesday I had given each group of two students a Latin verb to investigate.  I had them go first to Latdict and find out a definition for the verb.  They also examined the infinitive and supine form of the verb to determine whether they were looking at a unitary base or twin bases.  Then they went to Etymonline and typed the infinitive form of the verb they were given into the search bar.  From there they started a collection of words that shared that Latin root.

After two days of digging, they are preparing posters that will hang in the hallway.  Today I asked two groups about the work they have done.  Can you feel the enthusiasm?


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