Investigations from our Classroom “Wonder Wall”

The sharing has begun!  Prior to our spring break, students chose words to investigate.  Yesterday students eagerly volunteered to share their findings.

The word I would like to share first is <magical>.  I’m not sharing the presentation of the word, but rather what happened when the two students finished presenting and opened the floor for questions.  I was fascinated at the level of respect these word scientists have for one another.  The conversations were focused on the word being investigated and what felt like a united purpose of synthesizing everyone’s understanding of how words are built to get at the truth.  And the number of students participating by asking questions and making  points in this conversation was inspiring.  As you listen, you may have to remind yourself that there are indeed 24 students in the room!

Here are three more investigations:




3 thoughts on “Investigations from our Classroom “Wonder Wall”

  1. Hi Mrs.Steven,
    I was wondering more about the word divergent. I am reading the book “Divergent” and was wondering about the word. I know that ‘di’ is a prefix meaning two, and I think that ‘verge’ could be the base ( I believe a free base). I found that it means (dictionary definition) the limit or point beyond which something begins or occurs. I believe that this could make sense because Tris, the main character, has two options. She could go one way or the other, but something might occur in either option. I would like to hear your thoughts on this word.

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