Ahhhhh! Smells Like a Science Fair!

The first smell to fill the room this morning was that of spilled vinegar.  But by the end of the day (and by that I mean 7:00 p.m.) there was a mixture of science related smells filling the room.  They included candles burning, flowers, vinegar, vegetable oil and alka-seltzer, propane, lemon and grapefruit, grass, and gas from the leaf blower-powered hoverboard! (The hoverboard was operating in the hallway for brief periods of time so that the smell never became overpowering).  But what a wonderful wonderful time for everyone!

I know that many people think Science Fairs are the scourge of the earth, but you can’t convince me of that this evening.  My students are tired, their feet hurt from standing, and their throats are dry from talking so much.  But the smile on each face and the sparkle in each eye and the confidence as each spoke is why this is a valuable thing to do!  These students were so enthusiastic about sharing the work they have done in the past five weeks.  What I don’t think they were expecting were the truly sincere comments, smiles and compliments they received from our visitors — and we had close to 300 visitors!

By tomorrow I expect the smells will have disappeared.  But I expect the pride will remain for a very long time.

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