6 thoughts on “Halloween Fun JibJab Style!

  1. Hello Mrs. Steven,

    On Wed. 23 I had a visitor from Switzerland. I have a guess of Mr. Allen. Do you have any idea of who it is?

    Keep On Blogging,

    -Farmboy 920

    • Hello Ryan,

      My guess would also be Mr. Allen’s class, but I’m not positive. My feedjit doesn’t go back that far.

      ~ Mrs. Steven

  2. Hello Mrs. Steven,

    How is your mom doing? How has Florida been so far? Is it really warm down there? So far up here it is really cold and it already snowed for the year. I have gotten into a conversation with Mr. Caldwell, and his class. I asked his class for a possible word sum for macroinvertabrae. The wastewater treatment plant was so awesome. Someone with the last name “Post” asked where you were at.

    Hope to see you on Tiw’s day,


    • Hi Ryan!

      Thank you so much for asking about my mom. It’s a good thing I was able to come down. I was able to convince the doctor to change the way he was giving her some treatment. Now it won’t be so painful for her. It hasn’t been as warm as I was hoping for, but I can’t complain about 75 degrees :). I’m glad you liked the tour last Wednesday. It is very interesting, isn’t it?

      I will see you on Tiw’s Day,
      Mrs. Steven

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