It’s Time for a Math Break!

Today was such a fun Friday.  My math students have been improving all week when it comes to  staying focused during work time.  Staying focused means finishing work in class and making less errors.   Making less errors means less fix ups and a better chance of building a deep understanding of the skills being practiced.

Today we decided to take a break from learning math and instead focused on teaching math.  We are currently learning how to find the fraction of a number.  For example, do you know what 5/9 of 27 is?  If the answer doesn’t come quickly, watch this video and then see if you can figure it out.

I know.  Entertaining, wasn’t it?  But besides all that, do you think you could figure out what 5/9 of 27 is now?   Leave a comment, and we’ll let you know if you’re right.

2 thoughts on “It’s Time for a Math Break!

  1. It is an irrefragable fact that the creative anfractuosities of this class’s activity never cease to amaze this fractious Old Grouch. Refracted through the prism of their activities, orthographic understanding is maintained infract thanks to their irrefrangible intellectual curiosity.

    What a contrast with the fractured and fragmentary schooling industry spelling schemes that infringe our students’ right to exactitude. The fragile state of orthographic understanding that is seen in the naufragous wreckage of edubabble is given short shrift by these young scholars.

    If they are looking for a logo, or a coat of arms, I suggest the high-flying bone-crunching ossifrage and the gentle rock-garden flower, the saxifrage.

    As Martineau commented in 1877, “The devout [mind] ascends beyond all diffracted or intercepted rays to the primal light that flings them.” Now there’s an image of scholarship to play with!

    • Another delightful response from Old Grouch! I love it. Now to take a closer look at these interesting words…..

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