Word Investigations Related to the American Civil War

In an earlier post, three groups shared their investigations of <civil>, <slavery>, and <abolish>.  These last two groups investigated the words <immigration> and <emancipation>.



While both groups uncovered some truths regarding these words, I’m left wondering about other words that share the same base.  For instance, I never considered <emancipation> a compound word before.  Indeed the students convinced me with their evidence.  But I’m not quite satisfied yet.  What other words have the base <man> with the same denotation?  I crave examples of the bases <cip> and <migr> as well.  I feel that there is still so much to bring to light in these investigations.  Good thing we have tomorrow 🙂

3 thoughts on “Word Investigations Related to the American Civil War

  1. So impressive Grade 5s and so interesting.You should feel so proud of how far you have come in terms of your understanding! To realize that emancipate is indeed a compound word in such a short amount of time that you have been investigating words is inspiring!! I loved listening to all your connections!! Well done from your fan in Malaysia. I am so looking forward to sharing these investigations with my Grade 7 class who are engaged in exactly the same type of investigations- they too will be impressed! Bravo my friends!!

  2. Mary Beth: This was delightful to watch. I am excited to see that your students are not captives to word lists. They are very capable of manipulating words from the denotation to the connotation. Well done!

  3. This merry band of orthographic scholars will certainly be receptive recipients of a text full of clues.

    I anticipate that they won’t need a mandate to participate in manufacturing a manual of these bound bases. They are manifestly able to manipulate evidence, since they are not manacled by edubabble, and are no longer in the inceptive stage of word study; their understanding is far from being incipient.

    Indeed, they know that such study is rich manure for the mind, principally in allowing them to manufacture a manuscript in beautifully manicured script. They could then share it with the local municipal authorities to improve the way they write official texts.

    As grist for your mill, download this extract from the forthcoming TBox2 Kit 5 Theme H, exceptionally made available to you before publication.


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