Getting a ChromeBook

Our class got 12 ChromeBooks! We use them for math and spelling and really cool things like that. They are so useful to use. Now that we have the ChromeBooks, we don’t have a bunch of people crowding at the smart board.

3 thoughts on “Getting a ChromeBook

  1. One of the things I love is that I get to use the Chromebooks for looking up words on this site that this guy named Old Grouch showed us. The site is called Etymonline. It is a really good resource.


  2. One of the very first things we did with the Chromebooks was make sure we could get to Etymonline and Word Searcher! Those two sites are an integral part of the research we do!

  3. This is colourful news indeed (though it was only very recently that I discovered why a metal that I knew as having only one ‘colour’ was given the name ‘chrome’).

    Please consider sharing examples of how the Chromebook setup impacts on your orthographic investigations.

    While we are deeply impressed by Google’s inventive productivity we are even more wary and suspicous of its practices and politics. We protect our computers and network from as much googlery as we can – and we always read all of the small print of what we’re obliged to submit to if we install their applications, so there are several Google ‘services’ that we do not and will not use or allow on our computers.

    So here’s your chance to raise Google in our estimation! Now you orthographic Chromatographers are at work, we are really looking forward to your demonstrations and revelations of what your Chromebooks reveal themselves to be capable of.

    And I’m sure that you will do it with colourful brilliance.

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