Here comes the Judge!

What a remarkable day!  We began with an illuminating Skype visit with Michel at Real Spelling.  What a captivating resource he is!  When discussing our recent investigation of the word <prejudice>, he didn’t let on that <ge> was not a suffix  (although he certainly knew it was not).  Instead he guided us and let us see and understand that while related in meaning, the words <prejudice> and <judge> do not share the same base.   Taking this new information into consideration , we looked at our original matrix and revised it so that we now have two.  Today’s experience pointed out to us that we have a lot to learn … and I don’t find that discouraging in the least!  In fact, my students and I delight in having our sense of curiosity aroused in this fashion!

2 thoughts on “Here comes the Judge!

  1. This was a really fun experience. I hope to speak with Old Grouch again. He had a lot of interesting comments and information. Thank you Old Grouch!

  2. It was an immense pleasure to meet such a merry band of enthusiasts yesterday.

    I hereby adjudicate you to be orthographic stars!

    /ˈbɛst ˈwɪʃɪz frᴧm ˈfrɑːns/

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