Welcome to our blog!

I’m excited to share what we’re doing in our classroom and also to extend our learning by having my students respond to posts here.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to our blog!

  1. Mrs. Stevens Class,

    I love your classroom blog page! I have watched two of your classroom video posts. I really appreciated your thoughtful analysis of the school lunch changes. Instead of just complaining you found out more and got “the rest of the story”. Good for you!

    I also watched your video on 5th grade goals. It reminded me of a movie called The Bucket List. In the movie two men made a list of all of the things they wanted to do before they “kicked the bucket”. I think making lists of such important things really increases the chances that you will actually do what you say you want to do. I thought you all had some great goals for yourselves. Way to go!

    Keep up the great work fifth graders, make the most of your last year at CES!
    Mr. Nikolay

  2. I love your blog. It is very neat and interesting. I suggest you put funny school things on it like comics, jokes, and quotes.

    • That is a very good idea. I would also suggest including instructions on how we do our globe grow, or any of our school projects. Maybe other teachers would follow you in that idea! -Saphire:)

  3. Yeah. I can’t wait to make those! It will be so fun learning what we need to learn before and after making the blogs of our own!

  4. Hi Mrs. Steven! I really like our classroom blog. When do you think we will be able to make our own blogs off of this one?

  5. Making the pencil holders was really fun. It is a good way to think about writing and sculpting. If you’re a teacher listening to this, then you should totally do this. It’s fun for the kids, and they learn a lot.

  6. Hi Mary! It took a long time because I haven’t ever set up a blog page before. I watched several tutorials, read lots of information, and looked at bunches of other classroom blogs before I knew what I wanted ours to look like. I imagine that by the end of the year, this blog will look different. There’s still so much I have to learn! But I’m not afraid … this will be fun!
    -Mrs. Steven

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