Orthography Resources

These are links to the most commonly used online resources when conducting word investigations.  We also keep our classroom reference shelf stocked with word-origin/definition type books.

Chambers Dictionary

Collins Dictionary

Etymonline – Online Etymology Dictionary

Neil Ramsden’s Word Searcher

Mini Matrix-Maker

Interactive Suffix Checker

Robertson’s Words for a Modern Age


Word Works – Kingston, CA

At Word Works there are great videos to watch, as well as links to current Real Spelling moments in classrooms around the world.

Real Spelling

This is where I learned the true meaning of scholarship!  There are classes available on Greek and Latin as they pertain to orthography.  There are other fascinating classes as well.

Real Spellers

Real Spellers is a place where people post their questions about spellings, and where others can reply.  There is lots of great information here.

Learning About Spelling

An excellent site where anyone can go to learn about how our spelling system really works.  Such clear explanations!

LEX – Linguist Educator Exchange

Gina Cook addresses a number of topics.  She also created three fascinating TED Ed videos.  Making Sense of SpellingWhy is there a “b” in doubt  and The true story of ‘true’

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